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Connecting with Your Body, Yourself, and Your Life

Connecting with Your Body, Yourself, and Your Life

The Body Based Mindfulness Approach

Dr. Rosengren Body Based Mindfulness

  Dr. Rosengren suffered for 40 years with paralyzing social anxiety. In an effort to heal himself, he found that the body (with its sensations and movements) is often overlooked in the emotional healing process. His innovative and gentle approach is the culmination of years of practicing as a psychologist. His courses are designed to teach you the skills to improve your life no matter what issues you are struggling with. Read his story to truly understand the power of this method. 

Dr. Kent S. Rosengren

Dr. Rosengren Body Based Mindfulness

Dr. Kent S. Rosengren is a Clinical, Forensic, and Pediatric Psychologist. He knows that Body Based Mindfulness is a powerful life changing approach. Teaching these skills to his clients and students has made real and lasting changes in their lives. 

Body Based Mindfulness Course Schedule

Body Based Mindfulness Dr. Rosengren

Visit our Course Schedule to register for classes  We have a self-paced online Fundamentals Course and the 8 week Beliefs Mentoring Group starts Jan. 7, 2020. The Fundamentals Course is a prerequisite to the Beliefs Mentoring Group and Course.

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Body Based Mindfulness Introductory Video with Dr. Rosengren

 There are many that do not know of the link between the body, traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, and mental health. This information can counter beliefs like "I will always be anxious, " or "I have a history of depression and mental health issues and that will never change."
There IS hope!
Knowing more about the body and its survival instincts can bring new understanding as to why people suffer from "triggers". Learn more about the cutting edge research that is showing body based therapies are transforming lives. Dr. Rosengren makes the science easy to understand! 


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