Body Based Mindfulness Courses


Body Based Mindfulness Self-Paced Fundamentals Course

The Body Based Mindfulness Fundamentals Course has four modules and is designed to allow you to work at your own pace. It teaches the powerful and life-changing principles in learning how to practice Body Based Mindfulness. To see the full syllabus and participant testimonials for this course click here.  

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Body Based Mindfulness Beliefs Mentoring Group

This 8 week online course is geared toward finding and transforming the core negative or limiting beliefs that are keeping you from progressing in the way that you wish. The Fundamentals course is necessary to enroll in this course. To see the course syllabus and participant testimonials click here. This course will begin Thursday July 25, 2019. Two class options are available and one or both may be attended by members of the group. They will be offered on Thursday mornings from 6-8am MT and Thursday evenings from 6-8pm MT. Returning Beliefs Mentoring Course participants will be eligible for a discount, contact us if you are a returning student to receive your coupon code.

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Upcoming Courses to Be Scheduled

Advanced classes will continue to be be added to the schedule and may include focused work on topics such as posttraumatic growth, spiritual trauma, difficult emotions to tolerate, a parenting class aimed at teaching parents how to help a child that has experienced trauma, recovering from car accidents, etc.

If any of these advanced classes interest you, let us know, this may influence us to get them on the schedule sooner. The Fundamentals  course is necessary to learn basic principles of Body Based Mindfulness before taking the focused coursework. 

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