Body Based Mindfulness Fundamentals Course

Self- Paced Syllabus - The Live Class is Tailored to the Participants

This course has 4 modules and each module consists of:

1. An educational presentation by Dr. Rosengren;

2. A recording of a live class where you are encouraged to follow along; 

3. Written information in a .pdf to add further depth to the material;

4. Guided exercises and specific “homework” for practicing new skills. 

Module 1: An Introduction to Key Concepts 

a) Mindfulness vs. Body Based Mindfulness

b) The importance of physical sensations

c) Tolerance and titration

d) The critical role of the Fight/Flight/Freeze Response

e) How the nervous system discharges or releases energy

Module 2: An Outline of the Body Based Mindfulness Process – Step by Step

a) Noticing and feeling physical sensations

b) Giving sensations time and space to exist

c) Mindset of open curiosity: What happens next? 

d) Following sensations as they shift, change, or remain static

e) How to work with Resistance

f) Processing Anger, Resentment, and Grief

Module 3: Working with Movements

a) The Essential role of Movements (micro-movements, internal movements, and external movements)

b) Understanding the Rhythm of the Nervous System

c) Processing and working with physical pain

Module 4: Working with Beliefs

a) Top down vs. Bottom up processing; the flow of information in the nervous system

b) Processing and working with beliefs

c) The Triune Brain



What people are saying about this course:

Body Based Mindfulness work has given me tools to work through things that are standing in the way of living well. Of all the therapies I have tried over the years, this has been the most helpful. - Andi Daniel

I have learned a lot from Body Based Mindfulness courses. It has helped me be aware of what is going on in my body and instead of disconnecting or shutting down I have tools to help support true personal growth and a place of peace and stillness. I'm very grateful for Dr. Rosengren’s expertise and his willingness to share his wisdom he has learned over the years with us. – Heidi Thygerson

What a terrific course! A game changer for me in terms of releasing traumas, small and big. I highly recommend that everyone take this class in order to achieve mental and physical well-being. The Rosengren’s are knowledgeable and compassionate people. I feel blessed interacting with them and the other participants in the course – Ninette Enrique

This is the missing piece of the puzzle I’ve been searching for. I loved this course! I got the help I needed to release trauma from an auto accident. I learned tools to release any other traumas, both big and small, from my life. - Anonymous