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Dr. Rosengren Body Based Mindfulness

Unbearable Life

Here I am again, every morning I am literally forcing myself to attend another day of grad school. 

My heart is racing. I’m constantly on edge. Nervous.  Anxious. My muscles are always tense like armor in an effort to control my desire to just run and hide.

On good days I can hold it together and come home exhausted. On bad days, my body is filled with a burning heat that pulses outward once every second. IT. JUST. NEVER. STOPS.

Oh, that burning, sticky, yucky, pulsating heat!

I feel trapped. Depressed. I just want to quit – but I can’t.


I have NO choice. I am a husband, a father to a little girl.  That responsibility weighs heavily on my chronically knotted shoulders.

Heading into Dr. B’s class is the WORST, because he KNOWS!

Dr. B is sharp! He can somehow sense the enormously paralyzing social anxiety and shame that I feel. I can hide it from all my other professors and fellow grad students, but not from him. My act doesn't fool him. Being in his class makes it all the more intolerable. 

Social Anxiety. Chronic Shame. I didn't even know this stuff had names until I got to grad school. I had suffered from social anxiety and depression for as long as I could remember. 

As early as kindergarten I had to be perfect, to please everyone. Memories of first grade come crashing back like a horrible wave drowning me. A different teacher than my own blames me for something that I didn’t do. The shame I feel is gut-wrenching. My persona of being a “good boy” is now covered with oozing shame as I am being publicly humiliated. Why was I like this?  

My mind is back in Dr. B’s class.

I ask myself, “What the heck am I doing? How can I ever be a legitimate PSYCHOLOGIST?” 

The realization is difficult to live with – I am just a hack, a fake…Pretending to be confident, but terrified inside, and even more terrified that people will know. 

Hi...My Name is Kent

Some call me Dr. Rosengren, but you can call me Kent.

I decided to become a psychologist because I knew that there had to be SOMETHING that could help me. If I could just figure out what was wrong with me in the first place!

I admit I was selfishly motivated. I wanted to be HEALED. I wanted to LIVE. I wanted to STOP being afraid.

Personal Opinion: After my many years of practice I have found that talk therapy is crap!  Sure, it can help for a little while to dump your troubles once a week, but I've never really seen it FIX anything.

Ever been there?  Talking in circles about the same stuff?  Trying so many different things to heal, to change your mindset, to let go of anger or fear, and you just can't get to the bottom? Or worse, don't even know where to start?

I Kept Looking for a Better Way

I kept searching. I found therapies that did help. They helped my clients, too. 

I turned to alternative therapies, they worked better than the conventional ones.. I learned EMDR and EFT (otherwise known as tapping). I loved the Emotion Code and then the Body Code.  Each approach helped, getting me closer and closer to the core of ME. But through it all, the anxiety, panic, muscle tension, headaches, pulsing heat, and racing heart, feeling judged and alienated from others - these were still my constant companions.

Then… I found the missing piece. During my endless searching I came across body centered therapies.  I discovered how the body and its sensations are at the core of most "mental" illnesses.  I was drawn to Somatic Experiencing, and spent 3 years attending trainings. I learned about the nervous system and the body. I had never known there were approaches that integrated the body into emotional healing. 

For my first 40 years of life,  I lived in my head. I was like Spock. I hated my emotions, wanted nothing to do with them. I basically ignored myself from the neck down. My tense, anxious, fearful body was my worst enemy!  I hated it!

How ironic! You see, I had lived my whole life trying to heal myself, to rid myself from intolerable emotions and limiting beliefs. I had done affirmations, cognitive therapy. I had read hundreds of books.

I mean I know A LOT (in theory) about emotional healing!

Then I Discovered the Truth

I had to make peace with my body. Stop fighting it. As long as I didn’t live IN my body (my body I hated with a passion), I would never feel ALIVE. 

I had to learn to tolerate what my body FELT like. I had to learn to sit with all of it; the tension, the fear, even that pulsating heat that was HORRIBLE! 

But I did it a little bit every day... just allowing the sensations to be there and not SUPPRESSING them. I had to learn to stop doing what I had done my entire life. I had to stop IGNORING my body and what it was telling me. 

It was COUNTERINTUITIVE - to Feel the Very Thing that I Would Have Given ANYTHING to Not Feel.

But guess what?

Each day, I got BETTER. 

My nervous system started to reregulate itself and calm down. I learned to tolerate my sensations. I started to enjoy talking to people instead of constantly feeling the pressure to earn their approval, or fearing I might do something to displease them. The muscle tightness gradually became more relaxed, my heart stopped racing. And that pulsing heat? I hardly ever feel it now. Even my beliefs have shifted. 

I have finally started to LIVE.

  • Can you imagine feeling your emotions, but not being overwhelmed by them?
  • Can you imagine how good life would be if you understood your body and knew how to work with it?
  • Can you imagine knowing what to do when you get triggered? How to be able to calm it down?

10 years ago, My answer to these questions would have been, "NO!".  I could not even imagine being where I am now. 

I KNOW this method works! I can spout off all the big scientific terms and principles about how and why this all works. But does that really MATTER? 

These Skills Can Benefit Everyone!

Dr. Rosengren Body Based Mindfulness

  • Do you want to change your beliefs? 
  • Do you want to gain better control of your anger?
  • Do you want to heal from a traumatic event?
  • Do you want to be more confident?
  • Did you have a rough/difficult/horrific childhood?
  • Do you want to be a better parent and even teach these skills to your kids?
  • Do you want to get over a scarcity mentality?
  • Do you want to actually believe all the positive affirmations you have been saying to yourself over and over?
  • Do you want to have a stronger marriage?

It doesn’t matter what you are dealing with! Just imagine yourself more connected to your body, more connected to the present. No matter who you are, or what you are experiencing, I KNOW this can help.

"I was in a car accident that was causing me a lot of back pain. I had been having weekly appts with a craniosacral therapist for a few months when I learned more about Body Based Mindfulness from Dr. Rosengren.  I allowed my body to move without me consciously thinking about it. My body wanted to roll into a ball toward my right side, into the fetal position. As I came out of that position my left hip gave a huge cracking pop! It really shocked me, though it wasn't at all painful, and when I stood up, the back pain I had had since the accident was gone! It had never occurred to me that my body would want to protect me like that and that not being able to follow through with that action was what was causing my physical pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Rosengren for teaching  me these skills! "- JLR 

You see, as a psychologist I have worked with clients that have had some of the most horribly traumatic things happen that you can imagine, and this helps them! I have also seen people that just want to live life more fully, and this helps them! These tools can help everyone! 

"What a terrific course! A game changer for me in terms of releasing traumas, small and big. I highly recommend that everyone take this class in order to achieve mental and physical well-being. The Rosengrens are knowledgeable and compassionate people. I feel blessed interacting with them and the other participants in the course." NE 

Learning to live IN your body, and how to work with your nervous system is helping you to be WHOLE! 

The Fundamentals Online Course Allows Working at Your Own Pace

I want this knowledge to get out to the world. We have so many that are dealing with mental illnesses and they don’t know that this can help! I am here to say that there is HOPE! 

"I have learned a lot from Body Based Mindfulness courses. It has helped me be aware of what is going on in my body and instead of disconnecting or shutting down I have tools to help support true personal growth and a place of peace and stillness. I'm very grateful for Dr. Rosengren's expertise and his willingness to share his wisdom he has learned over the years with us." - HT

If you are looking to heal from trauma, transform your beliefs, better handle your emotions, be a better parent, or just improve life, this course is for YOU!

"This is the missing piece of the puzzle I’ve been searching for. I loved this course! I got the help I needed to release trauma from an auto accident.  I learned tools to release any other traumas, both big and small, from my life." TLB

This class is genuinely for EVERYONE, from the individual that is just starting their healing journey, to moms looking to help their families, to trained healers wanting to integrate this into their healing practices.

Have Questions?

I have several videos where I explain more about Body Based Mindfulness and my approach in using it for limiting and negative belief transformation as well as various mental/emotional struggles . Visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel to learn more.

From the very start, I want you to know that I am here to help you through this!

People from all over the world are attending this class – it’s for ANYONE who wants to improve their life.

  • Just imagine yourself in this course, learning the tools and skills that can literally change the way you see the world. 
  • Imagine your body being your friend.
  • Imagine truly being able to deal with your triggers, and knowing how to calm them. Knowing how to help your children.
  • What would it be like to be confident?
  • Can you see yourself, knowing what to do when your body starts to, well, freak out?
  • Can you see yourself empowered to know how to change your beliefs? 
  • Picture finally getting unstuck and moving in the direction you want to go. 
  • Imagine finally letting go of past trauma. Completely. 
  • Imagine being no longer scared to be you.
  • Imagine what you could do with all this energy that is kept locked up inside you. 

"A little over a year ago, I sustained a traumatic brain injury. As a consequence of the accident, I began to struggle with debilitating anxiety and PTSD symptoms. As the anxiety attacks increased in intensity and consistency, I reached out to Dr. Rosengren and he coached me through one of the worst attacks. It was nearly miraculous how my thoughts went from feeling caught in a hurricane, to quiet and still within literally minutes. All because of focusing on my body and listening to its needs! As I have attended his class and continued to apply the skills he has taught, my healing has progressed in bounds – even healing from traumas that occurred prior to the accident. Learning from Dr. Rosengren has truly been a blessing in my life!" - AR