Video Library

There are a few videos posted below. To see the full library we invite you to see our YouTube Channel.

The Fight or Flight Response, Sensations and Body Based Mindfulness

Dr. Rosengren explains how the fight or flight response relates to physical sensations and movements and how these unfinished responses in the nervous system can cause issues such as anxiety or other issues. 

Physical Sensations and Anxiety

Dr. Kent Rosengren gives his personal experience with social anxiety that illustrates the importance and power of using Body Based Mindfulness to process sensations. 

Everybody Has Something They Can't Tolerate

Dr. Kent Rosengren shares how everyone has something they cannot tolerate in their body. This could be anger, sadness, anxiety, panic, or even joy. 

Working in Small Doses

Dr. Rosengren explains how using Body Based Mindfulness to work in small doses helps prevent getting overly triggered when processing through difficult issues. 

Slow Talk - a Coping Skill for Anxiety

Dr. Rosengren explains a simple technique that gave him a huge reduction in stress when he suffered from horrible social anxiety when he had to speak. Warning: You have to practice!

The Polar Bear Swim and Treating Trauma

Treating trauma like a polar bear swim is not the wisest approach ...go figure! Dr. Rosengren shares about his Body Based Mindfulness course and how gentle it is when working with trauma.