Beliefs Mentoring Course and Group


This course will include a dedicated Facebook group to allow for easier communication and accountability.


Outline of each class: Each class will begin with a short educational piece, followed by a Q&A session, a brief group exercise and then end in a breakout session to allow participants to immediately practice what they have just learned.  Class will conclude after a group debriefing session. 

Class 1 and 2: Introduction/Review of Body Based Mindfulness fundamental techniques and concepts. There will be educational and group exercises to practice key components of BBM. 

Class 3: Triple AAA’s and BRT – This method details how to release negative beliefs via Body Based Mindfulness. It also includes scripts for walking step by step through this process. 

Class 4: Root Chakra Beliefs and Dealing with Resistance – In this class we dive deeper into working with resistance, and how resistance manifests physically, emotionally, and mentally, and dealing with manufactured emotions. 

Class 5: Sacral Chakra Beliefs and the “Circling Technique” – Introducing the Circling Technique for working on multiple aspects of a single belief or cluster of similar beliefs. 

Class 6: Solar Plexus Beliefs and Corrective Experiences – In this class we combine movement and imagination to harness the power of Corrective Experiences, providing an alternative pathway for releasing old, trapped energy. 

Class 7: Heart Chakra Beliefs and “Working Backwards” – This module introduces the Working Backwards technique, a powerful way to uncover opposing beliefs that interfere with the beliefs we desire to manifest in our lives.

Class 8: Throat Chakra Beliefs and “Working Backwards” – In this class we apply the full, multifaceted flexibility of the Working Backwards approach to hone in on and shift beliefs that hinder and limit the expression of our vital creative energies. 

Class 9: Third Eye Beliefs and the “Just World” – We explore and process “Just World” beliefs that shape our perceptions and the meanings we give to events; processing our beliefs around difficult life events when bad things happen to us or others we care about. 

Class 10: Crown Chakra and Posttraumatic Growth – In this final class we explore how the concept of Posttraumatic Growth can facilitate a deeper connection with our spiritual nature and heal beliefs that block our connection with divine energy.



What people are saying about this course:

Dr. Kent breaks everything down to a simple, understandable explanation and then provides examples for clarification. But then, to be able to immediately jump to a Breakout Session and apply what we had just learned was perfect! Dr. Kent's instruction to approach our practice with a "Beginner Mindset" put us all at ease. Everyone had their own approach to the work, so we learned a lot from each other as well. Before the Breakout Session ended we had time to discuss what each of us had accomplished and also to add some suggestions. The reinforcement of being able to practice what I had just been taught enabled me to quickly apply the lesson from each class to my sessions with my clients with confidence and success.

- Meredith Brubaker

I invested in Dr. Kent Rosengren's online course Body Based Mindfulness and then was fortunate enough to choose to be a part of the group that went deeper into beliefs and strategies to identify, feel into and diminish the energy around the negative beliefs. It has been a wonderful experience of self exploration, self awareness and self love. Dr Kent and his wife Jenny are warm, kind and generous people. Kent has a natural and easeful ability to provide insightful, simple yet powerful strategies that when practiced and experienced consistently can provide and have provided for me, a tremendous amount of wonder and beauty in one's life. 

- Charles Melchert

The Body Based mindfulness course was so helpful for me as a practitioner and also for my own healing. I am a big fan of meditation and have practiced it for several years on a regular basis, and thought this would be very similar. I was surprised to learn how quickly Body Based Mindfulness helped me to get in touch with my body and learn to tolerate and accept what sensations come up. I am so grateful for this new tool!

- Anonymous

This class is amazing!  The information and techniques that Dr. Kent teaches are life changing. He creates a very safe environment to practice the techniques with the other students. You’ll love having all this in your “tool belt” to help yourself and others to truly heal.  TLB