Dr. Rosengren Understands Healing

Dr. Rosengren teaches Body Based Mindfulness Courses

Everyone will Experience some Type of Trauma

During one's lifetime, trauma is inevitable, whether it is a capital T Trauma or a lower-case t trauma. The Body Based Mindfulness course teaches how to tolerate and work with the sensations, movements, limiting beliefs or negative beliefs, emotions, and images that are connected to a traumatic event . This is transformational as it begins to bring regulation and balance back to a dysregulated central nervous system.

The Memories of the Physical Body and Mind are Connected

Every traumatic event is stored in the hindbrain. Consciously, we may not remember every detail about an event that was traumatic, but our brain does. Every smell, sight, sensation, emotion, and even body movements are recorded.

These Memories Affect our Nervous System

When we enter situations that trigger unconscious memories of a past traumatic event, our nervous system is there to protect us and can sometimes overreact, causing a fight/flight/freeze reaction in a non-threatening environment. These are signs of a dysregulated nervous system and can cause symptoms of panic, anxiety, depression, insomnia, physical and emotional pain, negative or limiting beliefs, behavioral problems (ADHD, OCD, etc.), and other unexplained physical symptoms. Trauma can be at the root of many maladaptive core beliefs, and resolving trauma can facilitate shifting and even resolving old ‘stuck’ beliefs. The Body Based Mindfulness approach teaches how to process through the sensations and movements that allows the nervous system to calm. This allows the brain to no longer be "triggered" so easily.

Trauma is not Forever

Working with a considerable amount of physical and sexual abuse survivors, as well as with active duty military and combat veterans for the majority of his 18 years in practice, Dr. Kent S. Rosengren is very familiar with trauma and knows that, contrary to some common perceptions, its effects don't have to be life-long. He has been trained in several conventional and alternative therapy approaches, and Body Based Mindfulness is a culmination of his years of training and experience. His extensive training includes: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for depression and social anxiety, Cognitive Processing for PTSD, Motivational Interviewing, EMDR, EFT (Tapping), Emotion/Body Code, the Sedona Method, Psych-K, and Somatic Experiencing, among others. 

Healing from Trauma Does not Have to Be Traumatic

Dr. Rosengren has found Body Based Mindfulness to be a gentle approach to healing trauma. With the participant's nervous system as the guide, Dr. Rosengren will teach how to gently process through difficult events. Speaking about the events is not necessary for healing, unless the student desires it. Join the class to learn for yourself that trauma is not forever, and you can experience living in a freer, calmer, and happier state. 

The Introductory Body Based Mindfulness Course

The four week online Body Based Mindfulness course will be taught in an online ZOOM room. The class limit is 8 and class minimum is 4. Different class days and times are generally available and the cost is $199.